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Trash Can Band

Trash Can Band
Katy's Trash Can Band is a fan favorite at playoff time. It was fashioned after the group Stomp at the request of a local church minister.

Tiger Tracks

Tiger Tracks is Katy High School's list of notable and memorable alumni. Let us introduce you to some people you might recognize.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea
Katy is known for traveling far and wide in support of their teams, often being referred to as “The Red Sea” because of their dominance in the stands.

Athletic Achievement

Athletic Achievements
Athletic achievements at Katy High School go hand in hand with the successes our student athletes achieve in the classroom and in life.

Tiger Run Throughs

Tiger Run Throughs
At Katy High School, our hand-made run through banners are masterfully created every week by the Katy Bengal Brigade & Cheerleaders.

KHS Timeline

Katy High School
Katy High School through the years, has a rich and proud history spanning over a century of creating great students, athletes, and humans.

The Katy Train

The Katy
After the Tigers won their seventh state championship, Union Pacific Railroad sent their train, The Katy, for a celebration photo session.

Tiger in Bronze

KABC Officers
In 2013 the KABC hosted A Night of Champions to celebrate the seven state championship teams and fund a bronze sculpture.

The KHS Journey

KHS Journey
Learn about the history behind the meteoric rise of the Katy High School Tiger Football team, and the implementation of its core value system.