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About the Katy Athletic Booster Club

Get to know the Katy Athletic Booster Club at Katy High School and it's officers, it's parent representatives, and it's members.

Our Mission Statement

The Katy Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit organization that has encouraged parent participation and supported athletic and extracurricular programs at Katy High School for almost 50 years.

Relying on memberships, volunteers, and our corporate sponsors, KABC raises thousands of dollars each year in support of our student athletes.

The Katy Athletic Booster Club’s mission is to promote and support the student athletes and coaches of Katy High School. As our young men and women work to uphold our tradition of excellence – and in their constant pursuit of greatness – we will also work to provide the necessary supplemental financial support through our volunteer, parent, business and community partnerships.

Working to provide a positive and supportive environment for our athletes, our pledge is to be good stewards who meet and exceed their expectations in accordance with the guidelines set forth by our district, our community and the University Interscholastic League.

Rise Up

Gary Joseph


KABC officers volunteer in a wide range of areas from fundraising to promoting our student athletes and the athletics department at Katy High School.

Parent Reps

Parent Reps

Parent representatives are volunteers who work closely with coaches to communicate information to the team, their parents and the school.



KABC members are the life blood of any successful booster club. They provide the critical financial support that allows the Club to support its student athletes.