Tiger Merchandise

Tiger Merchandise

Tiger Merchandise is one of the key fundraisers for the Booster Club. Buy your gear directly from the Club to support our student athletes.

One of the ways to Booster Club raises money to support Katy High athletes is by selling Katy Tiger Gear. We will often set up tables at various games, meets and events offering up various Tiger gear including hats, shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, socks, towels, and various other Katy Tiger emblazoned gear. We appreciate you showing your support for both Katy High School and the Katy High athletes by purchasing from us.

Please note: Around town, you will see various stores selling Katy Tiger gear. Unfortunately, most of the gear you’ll find in said stores does not put money back into Katy High. So, whenever possible, try to buy your Tiger swag through the KABC, or the other groups within KHS that sell gear as well (band, brigade, etc.).

Unfortunately, online ordering is unavailable at this time.

Have questions about Baseball for the Booster Club, contact us here.

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