Concession Stands

Concession Stands

Concession stands are run by the Katy Athletic Booster Club at the home games, matches, and meets for most of the school's events.

The Katy Athletic Booster Club runs the concession stands at the home games, matches and meets for Katy High School’s football, baseball, track, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and swimming teams. The money raised is used to support all of the Katy High School Athletic programs.

Grab a snack and support our athletes

The KABC concession stands are powered by volunteers. We always welcome new volunteers to help us run and man the concession stands during home games.

Concession stand shifts run during a single game and last less than two hours. Helping out with a concession stand shift – for one game, or multiple games when time permits – is a great way for parents with limited time available to volunteer with the Booster Club.

Have questions about Baseball for the Booster Club, contact us here.

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