Social Life

Social Life

Katy’s early citizens worked hard but they also enjoyed their social life and gathering together, mostly centered around church activities.

Katy’s early citizens worked very hard but they also enjoyed their social life and gathering together. As a Christian community made up of mostly Baptists, Methodists, and Episcopalians, local entertainment generally centered around the church.

Sometimes the Katy Ladies Aid Society or other organizations raised money by holding Box Suppers where single ladies in town brought a dinner in a fancily decorated box and the men bid on the boxes.

The man who bid highest on a certain box would share the dinner inside with the box’s female donor. “Boys tried to hide outside to see who brought which boxes,” says Lopez.

School activities were also a big part of Katy social life. Mothers regularly attended school spelling bees and recitation programs during the day, while fathers worked on the farms. The women also attended quilting bees or joined the Ladies Aid society where they raised money for various causes.

By the 30s, the Katy Literary Club and a Garden Club was formed. Rodeos were also important as a form of entertainment and Katy set up a practice arena right in town where young people could practice and perform.

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