Looking Back

Katy – Looking Back

Rice mill in the distance - Today's McDonalds
So the next time you look around Katy, think about its earliest citizens who worked hard to create Katy with little more than their bare hands. Every time you see a beautiful old oak tree in Katy, remember that someone most likely planted an acorn there for future generations. Think about the rice farmers who probably worked the very land your home rests on.

The perseverance and resourcefulness of Katy’s original families set the standard for the high-achieving, caring people of Katy today. For families living here now, Katy still offers all the big city amenities with the same southern hospitality of a traditional Texas city. The Katy Herald of summed it up best back in 1909.

“Taking all in all, the healthy climate, good drinking water, well-educated and sociable people, and the numerous advantages, there is no better; no more desirable place in the United States than Katy for a permanent residence.” – The Katy Herald, February 19, 1909