Historical Photos

Historical Photos

Historical photos, preserved by the Katy Heritage Society and shared by Katy Magazine, document the history of the City of Katy.

Katy High School and the Katy community share a rich heritage.

In the beginning it was only a wide open prairie, the hunting ground of the Karankawa Indian tribes, the winter feeding grounds of great herds of buffalo and large flocks of wild ducks, geese, sandhill and whooping cranes, and numerous other game birds, and home to longhorn cattle, deer, and wolves.

Join us as we rewind through history and revisit some of the milestones of our community.

A special thanks to Katrina Katsarelis Katy Magazine’s editor and publisher for allowing the repurposing of her article. Read more from our Community Collection. Then for a deeper dive, head on over to the Katy Heritage Society for a more in depth look at the history of the Katy community.

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