Trash Can Band

Katy High Trash Can Band

The Trash Can Band owes its origins to church. Patterned after a group from the long-running off-Broadway musical Stomp, the Trash Can Band was formed in 2002.

The impetus to start the band came from Wayne Fancher, the music minister of Katy’s First Baptist Church, who wanted something lively for the church’s Fourth of July celebration that year. And lively was what he got. Wayne approach-ed Katy’s Band Director, Chris Arrowood. “He showed me a video with a trash-can band that came from Stomp and asked if we could do something like that,”

Although the basis for the band came from Stomp, Arrowood wrote the music for the Trash Can Band’s performances. At the time the band was formed, Arrowood was in his seventh year at KHS and fourth as the Head Band Director. Members don’t have to audition for the Trash Can Band, they are more likely to get recruited from the percussion section of that Roarin’ Band from Tigerland.

“We performed at pep rallies, at the state championship football game and for some community events such as Katy ISD’s Volunteers recognition breakfastand one sponsored by the AARP.” Arrowood notes, “We basically have one set routine which is about two minutes long. The kids have to carry their own trash cans, and can each make up their own solo. Normally, we are thegrand finale at an event,”

Members of the band enjoy their performances just as much as their audiences.

“The very first time we played, it was so much fun,” quipped Noel Bryant, an inaugural member of the band. Arrowood agrees. “It’s always a rush. It was so awesome. We got so many compliments the very first night.

The Trash Can Band has received a standing ovation everywhere we’ve ever played.”