The Flame

Katy – Keepers of the Flame

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Carol Adams

President of the Katy Heritage Society
Adams also serves on the Katy Heritage Park Board, the team who is overseeing the development of Katy’s new historical center, Katy Heritage Park.

Rosanne Stockdick Lopez

Owner of ABC Country Store, and 4th generation Katy native
Lopez is a descendant of the Stockdick and Peck families. Lopez, her grandmother, Ruth Monigold Peck, her Mother Floy Peck Stockdick, her Dad W. C. Stockdick Jr, and her three daughters Amy, Bethany, and Courtney all graduated from Katy High School. Lopez is very interested in preserving Katy’s history and has a display in the store showcasing Katy’s history.

Roberta Wright Rylander

A well-known Katy historian and a descendant of the Schlipf and Wright families
Roberta Wright Rylander and the late Fred Rylander generously donated property, homes, photography, and other items to the Katy Heritage Society which was founded in 1979. In 1991, she authored Applauding the Past of Katy, a self-published book that documents Katy’s history. Rylander recently had an elementary school named in her honor by the Katy Independent School District.

A special thanks to Katrina Katsarelis Katy Magazine’s editor and publisher for allowing the prepurposing of her article.


Katy Heritage Society
Historic Katy – Carol Adams
Applauding the Past of Katy – Roberta Wright Rylander
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